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May 3rd 2021.
The day the unseen will be unveiled.

The first in a series of live streaming events introducing new ultrasound technologies devoted to medical and healthcare sector. The main theme of this opening event is research, which has always been Esaote’s road to innovation; with a view to finding solutions to important questions that hide in the human body. Important guests will elaborate on this central theme: the CEO Franco Fontana, various Product Managers and the International Medical Experts who – by constantly sharing knowledge – help Esaote to understand their diagnostic needs. Moreover: special guests in the field of astrophysics will share their personal experience of how research was key to their jobs and even took them up to space.
By means of next-generation ultrasound technology, Esaote keeps its promise to take care of medicians who use their devices. By opening infinite horizons to research, the company shows that it will never stop its race toward continuous improvement.

Special Guest

Chiara Cocchiara

Chiara Cocchiara

Chiara Cocchiara is a female Aerospace Engineer. Forbes listed her as 30Under30 Leader in the category Industry. She received the IAF Young Space Leaders award in 2020, for her contribution to the IAF and the space sector. She was also awarded the MIT Innovator Under35 and the ESNC Prizes for a new drone technology that she designed to help save human lives.
She held the roles of Crew Commander (rotation) and Crew Engineer of a Mars Analogue mission with the Mars Society and experiments from NASA.

Special Guest

Franco Malerba

Franco Malerba

Franco Malerba is the First Italian Astronaut. Aboard the space shuttle Atlantis was the mission scientist of the first Tethered satellite mission. A graduate of Electronics Engineering and Physics, with extensive international experience gained from many years of working with leading hi-tech industries (DEC, Alenia Spazio) and Research Organizations (CNR, ESA, NASA, ASI), communicates to a wide audience the importance and the appeal of exploration and innovation, epitomized by his experience.

Hosted by

Gianna Angelini

Gianna Angelini

Semiotician, journalist and communication consultant, Gianna Angelini spends a lot of time doing research. She graduated in Italy and completed her PhD in Germany and a postdoc in England. These experiences prepared her to deal with multicultural work contexts. She has been teaching since 2005 in Universities and Academies. She spent the last 10 years working as Strategic Marketing Consultant, Project Manager and Strategic Planner.

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Opening infinite horizons

Powerful and innovative, MyLab™X9 is the new Esaote X ULTRA™ platform embedding state-of-the-art technologies with top level image quality and exploring infinite horizons in ultrasound imaging. Artificial Intelligence combined with insightful workflow and multimodality comprehensive connectivity drive the radiologist towards new diagnostic frontiers. Intelligent architecture, Italian design and premium ergonomics elevate everyday clinical experience as never before.

Infinite horizons in innovation

Thanks to the new 64bits Intelligent Architecture and faster GPU computing capabilities*, new processing techniques provide multitasking operations to maximize efficiency in all working conditions.

* vs previous product line

State-of-the-art smART Processing with Empowered New Generation XView, MView, and Speed ultrasound velocity setting, enhance image quality for immediate diagnosis.

Embedded-core Active Technology combined with IQProbes deliver smart focalization and color quantification processing to reach unprecedented performance.

Insightful Workflow: Scan, Doppler, AutoOB, and Zero-click technologies allow to elevate clinical experience. Focus more on patients and less on parameters with the exclusive asyMode and asyColor intuitive finger-touch image optimization and intelligent algorithms.

Infinite horizons in image quality

The high-quality Barco Eonis display presents sharp, bright images with high contrast and a wide viewing angle. Eonis uses the latest in advancements in LED backlight technology, ensuring a higher brightness that can be maintained over a longer period of time.
The display’s unique front consistency sensor ensures fast power-up and continuous luminance stability.
Extend the horizons with Full screen capability and Extended Field of View modality.

Active technology iQProbe with appleprobe stressless ergonomic experience, high sensitivity matching layers, thermal efficiency, and Single Crystal Technology provide optimal spatial and contrast resolution to achieve top level image quality.


Infinite horizons in connectivity and multimodality

Streaming technology allows real-time streaming of ultrasound exams together with picture-in-picture Camera on tablet, phone or laptop, opening a new era in connectivity.
Multimodality Archive as the key-point for effective patient follow-up:

  • Full DICOM connectivity including Q/R
  • MyLab™Desk evo
  • MyLab™Tablet


Customer Care

Our mission is to protect and maximize the system performance by increasing the return on your investment. To pursue this goal Esaote has created Srenity program, the 3-year service coverage aimed at allowing to focus only on diagnostic activity.

Remote Technical Support

MyLab™X9 has been designed to provide an optimal user experience through remote assistance, console control sharing, and remote training, to quickly and effectively meet any request.

Probes Coverage

Srenity program provides coverage for all standard probes with no annual limits.

On-site Corrective Maintenance

Srenity program provides On-Site Corrective Maintenance that includes labor and necessary spare parts to repair the system.